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Why “staff friendliness” is a key selling point for Nakoma.

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The next time you’re holding lunch in one hand and your phone in the other, try a little experiment. Find a nearby hotel or resort and read their absolute worst reviews on TripAdvisor.

If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll find a common thread among those reviews: employees. “Rude” is typically the common denominator that underlies a principle that a friend of my describes like this.

“You may be the marketing director, but make no mistake…every employee at the resort works in marketing right along with you.”

For all the good you may do from the marketing office, it can all be undone in an instant by a single employee having a bad day.

Enter Stage Left
Enter Nakoma Golf Resort and Spa in Northern California.

Some of their marketing has touted something that, in the context of this idea, make a ton of sense.


Looking at the GolfAdvisor 2014 Staff Friendliness rankings, sure enough, there they are at #25.

Size Matters, but it Doesn’t
If this had been published by a bigger name in golf or news or sports or travel, would the ranking carry more weight? Maybe.

But the fact that someone had both the data and the insight to create the list at all and Nakoma was included as one of the best of the best in the country, to me, that carries enough value to use.

And use it Nakoma did, just as they should have. Great work.

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