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In golf and golf marketing, let’s not forget the basics.

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Marketing involves a lot of things, but at the core it’s nothing more than:

  • A good message.
  • The right audience.
  • And a distribution channel that connects the two.

But with so much “stuff” going on with content and influencers and products and deals and weather and events, that simplicity can quickly turn complex.

Today it might be a follow up email about that deadline and that sales in the pro shop and the photos from yesterday’s sunrise. Tomorrow it’s more of the same with every product and service and department needing a message to go out at a certain time in a certain way.

In these situations, it can be easy to take our eye off the ball.

The Essence
What is that ball, you ask? Is that simple, distilled message of what you’re actually selling combined with the thing we sometimes forget to do: ask.

When I saw this tweet from Dona Filipa, it stood out not for it’s creativity or innovative strategy. On the contrary, it stood out for the exact opposite reason: it was the only tweet in my feed that wasn’t like that.

They hadn’t tried to wow me with a drone shot or shared some special deal, in a voice of quiet confidence they said:

Golf is amazing. That activity, in a beautiful place, is what we sell. Come join us.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in marketing, we forget what we’re selling. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we’re describing, we forget to invite our audience to act.

Nice work, Dona Filipa.

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