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The twelve days of Crown Isle Christmas.

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Many of my best marketing ideas have simply come from paying close attention to the things that change my own behavior.

After a few clicks or close attention to some copy, I’ll catch myself and try to retrace my steps to deconstruct the pieces that made me do what I did.

Countdown offers before Christmas often fall into that category.

Crown Isle Christmas
So when I saw Crown Isle’s version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, I was not only influenced once again, but tried to pay extra close attention to what they did.

Here’s how their days shook out:

  1. One Night Stay for $99, Suit for $129
  2. Four Months of Free Membership for New Members
  3. Book One Night, Get 40% off Second
  4. Buy a $120 Gift Card for $100
  5. Save $10 on Dining in Timber Room Restaurant
  6. Book a 3-Night Stay Over a Tuesday, That Night is Free
  7. Buy a Wedge, Get a Free Lesson
  8. Logo Robe for $49.99
  9. Save $50 on Irrigation System Change Up
  10. Buy a Package as a Gift, Get $25
  11. Buy a Package for Yourself, Get $25
  12. Valentines Romance Package from $115/night

Even though the offers aren’t anything different than you may normally see, because they were piggybacked on a tradition that is accepted and noticed during this season, it works.

It could be nothing more than a recap of the best offers from the year before.

Simply by putting them in a more relevant context, you have created a reason to push out a dozen marketing message in consecutive days without looking like a marketing grinch.

Good stuff, Crown Isle.

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