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Does your golf resort’s maintenance team need a voice?

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Golf, like virtually all outdoor activities, is weather dependent.

And while we all love to quote the classic “nae wind, nae rain, nae golf” line, rain can certainly keep a course from opening it’s doors to eager golfers. As can a long list of other things.

Like frost.
Or snow.
Or downed trees.
Or aeration.
Or overseeding.

So with so many things that can impact the ability to play a round of golf (or a normal round of golf) does it make sense to give a voice to those in charge of addressing those issues?

Like Bayside?

Or Bear Trip Dunes?

Or Brickyard Crossing?

Even if the name of your resort or course doesn’t start with B, it’s an interesting idea. And one that becomes even more so as you peruse some of the content they share.

Showing the results of a talented team, highlighting the incredible views these early risers enjoy, taking golfers behind-the-scenes through the seasons?

Even as a pipeline for your main account to reshare, its hard to argue with the value of those updates.

For Some?
Truth be told, this content may not be for every golfer in your database.

But the idea of giving this content a place of it’s own, giving the characters in this story a voice a space to tell their tale, and letting your guests follow along?

Gotta say, I like it.

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