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When it comes to video, you don’t always need new.

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A couple weeks back I saw this tweet:

And instantly loved the video therein. A combination a beautiful videography, music, and simplicity, it’s easy to catch yourself thinking, “Wow, wouldn’t mind playing a round there.”

In other words, it’s great content and, more importantly, great marketing.

Let’s Dig Deeper, Shall We?
What what’s the best part of this recent social share?

The video was uploaded over seven months ago.

As you brainstorm yet another piece of content to post this week, think about the lesson inside that for a minute.

Not a One Trick Pony
Because while it’s embedded on their website, which is where most of the 16,000 views have come from…


…it also gets regular social shares (and reshares by fans/followers) like this one from July…

…to consistently provide little boosts in the view count.


One great video, reused over and over and over to drive marketing value again and again and again.

Big Lesson
I love this. I really do.

Real-time content absolutely has its place. But I think we sometimes forget that evergreen content like this even exists and can have a place in the social and online marketing calendar right next to the stuff that was produced this morning.

In fact, I bet if you went back into your YouTube channel or Vimeo account or Instagram feed or Twitter profile you’d fine a dozen such bits of content ready to fill your content calendar with nothing more than a click.

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