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What if your resort had created this Masters infographic?

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There’s a fascinating, talented little company with an office in Salt Lake City that’s called 97th Floor.

Among other things, a huge chunk of their portfolio is made up of one, simple thing: infographics.

Yes, Those
You know the type. A simple, intriguing topic that is carefully broken down and dymistified in a way that is engaging, entertaining, interesting, and remarkably easy to consume.

Speaking for my own hackish attempts at infographics, I’ve always been blown away by how popular and shareworthy these bits of content end up being.

One even caught the eye of a magazine and became a regular (free) print piece in a major publication for my niche.

What If…
As you think about the possibilities of this content style, consider a recent infograph that 97th Floor made about The Masters:

Source: 97th Floor

Notice the simplicity in the information but also how interesting it is. It’s a solid combination for content culture that has a short attention span but insatiable thirst for interesting bits of insight.

Then ask yourself, “what pattern exists behind this infographic that can be applied to other golf topics?”

Starting Points
I often find that questions, especially shared questions that everyone says/asks in their head but not aloud, are some of the best starting points. A few random ideas that come to mind:

  • What’s inside a golf ball?
  • What are all the different types of grasses used on a course?
  • Which golf ball type should I REALLY be hitting?
  • Which tees should I REALLY be hitting from?
  • Facts and figures about opening a course for one day (water, man power, fuel, etc.)

Maybe these would best be served with a video, or maybe a blog post, or maybe something else entirely.

But I think you’ll find that if you simply bring the possibility of infographics to the table and then give them a chance, you’ll be surprised how often they perfectly fit the needs of your content marketing initiatives.

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