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Guest insight by chance…or by design?

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Every action a guest (or prospective guest) takes is a window into who they are.

Some of these actions tell us little. Some tell us more. But a select few are actually designed to provide specific insight with every action taken.

That last part is what I thought with a recent email from Wild Dunes.

Three Choices
The email, for the most part, is fairly ordinary. But it’s the three boxes below the main header that are so clever.


Any click on those boxes not only takes the clicker to a page that can be built for their specific visitor type, but because clicks are tied to individuals, that action can tell the marketer exactly who they are why they might come.

Squaw Valley, CA did something similar with their new website.


These clicks are recorded and used to influence other content the visitor sees and is added to their profile if they share their email address.

By Design
This is really cool to see at a golf resort.

As I mentioned earlier, every action carries some point of data, but when the action is designed to tell us something specific, the insights are many times more useful.

Good stuff.

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