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In a sea of content, Kiva’s design pattern stands out.

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This week I’m highlighting two things that Kiva Dunes does with their social content that, the more I see, the more I like.

A couple weeks ago I read that over 500,000,000 tweets and 200,000,000 Facebook photos are shared every…single…day.

As both of those numbers grow at completely ridiculous speeds, it becomes harder and harder for golf resort content to not only be seen, but remembered.

An Extra 5 Minutes
The words “most brands” should make marketers perk up because when everyone is doing one thing, it creates simple opportunities to stand out.

So when I say that most brands upload photos to social media as is, that’s what creates the opportunity for simple photo tweaks to stand out. For example:

A fading blue bar on the left with a valuable tidbit, a logo on the bottom right hand corner. That’s it. It may take an extra few minutes to create, but the difference is important.

Because of all the golf resort social content I’ve browsed during the last few months, the only content whose both message and author I can recall are Kiva’s.

The Small Things
Think about that for a second.

In a few minutes per photo (maybe 20 minute a week), Kiva has given their content a mark that helps me remember not just the message, but who posted it. In sea of 200 million tweets, that’s HUGE.

A small, clever move with a pretty important result.

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