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Paiute takes the marketing wide view to the next level.

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A few weeks ago I talked about how Stonewall used a very simple, visual technique that tells a really powerful story. That being a wide-view shot of their property.

A wide angle that ties the lake, the hotel, the course, and even parking (an often overlooked feature when it’s close to everything) in one visual that supports claims and gives you a mental picture to latch onto, entertain, and anticipate.

Especially useful to resorts where their messages are, for the most part, are being exposed to their resort for the first time, it’s a pretty powerful branding tool to keep in the belt.

Which is why Paiute Golf Resort’s video with nothing but these views is such a good fit.

While these courses are about 15 years old, given the more established golf brands they may be up against, they have plenty of work to do in terms of education and branding around their resort.

So when they want to tell the story, sell the whole experience, inspire people with the views and experiences they tout in their marketing messages, what better way than to let the wide angle pull all those pieces together in a compelling, bite-sized video format.

Really well played and a really well made video.

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