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Props to Pelican Hill for putting their time where the money is.

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In marketing it’s extremely tempting to do fun marketing. Enjoyable marketing.

And I say that from the perspective of the marketer, not the audience.

Given the choice between tweeting a picture with a clever quote and wrangling a long, unruly email template, the former is almost always going to be a more enjoyable way to spend your 9-5, but the latter is where you’re going to make real, measurable revenue.

Little Wonder
In that context, it’s little wonder why sometimes we as marketers choose to do the stuff that’s fun but ultimately not the right choice between alternatives within a limited budget of marketing time and resources.

But then, every once in a while, I see emails like this.

Email that take some time to get right but are a beautiful combination of marketing that looks good and marketing that works.

A beautiful branding messages that cascades through experiences and products, all tied together with a clean, on-brand design and clear calls-to-action.

I’ve never been one for long templates, but this definitely makes a strong case for them because all the elements are not only carefully crafted, but fit into an organized, thoughtful structure.

Opportunity Costs
In the time it took to create this email, Pelican Hill could have shared a few fun photos or written a clever blog post.

But when push comes to shove, the time spent on this email will probably be some of the most effective they spent last month. Because email may be tough to wrangle at times, but it’s the king of creating transactions.

Nice work, Pelican Hill.

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