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Quality, inspiration, and numbers: Kiva’s recipe for social success.

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This week I’m highlighting two things that Kiva Dunes does with their social content that, the more I see, the more I like.

There are a million ways to approach social.

You can inspire, you can inform, you can share offers, deals, freebies. You giveaway small stuff like gear or big ticket items like vacation packages. Or you can share incredible content that stands out and keeps your brand on golfers’ minds.

Often these exist independently, but I think it’s combination of a few at a time that I like in Kiva Dunes’ social strategy.

1, 2, 3…
Kiva combines really beautiful visuals with inspirational tips and ideas that, though maybe not equatly FAQ material, carry the motivational value that is so popular in today’s culture.

Here are a few examples:

Extra Element
It’s a small thing, but I especially like that the series is numbered: connecting each through hashtags.

The numbers encourage first-time followers to see more. The hashtags make it simple to find and browse the full collection.

A the quality and message making it worth the time to do so.

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