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Sexy marketing or marketing that works.

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During the golf-filled days of my youth, I once played in a tournament against a kid who looked like a great golfer.

He had the coolest clothes, the best clubs, the snazzy stance, the glamorous follow through, the hip jargon, the fancy shoes, glove, balls, bag…well…everything.

Except for skills, because me and my hand-me-down clubs and old running shoes beat him. Soundly.

Marketing We Like vs Marketing That Works
Like this kid, we marketers are often guilty of worrying more about impressing our marketing peers than creating content that actually works.

We’ll have the site with the cool features, the web 9.0 design, the tagline that makes other marketers jealous with “why didn’t I think of that” envy, all created by that award-winning agency in NYC with brick walls and hipster creatives.

Our marketing peers will give us a standing ovation for such beautiful work. Meanwhile, that resort running WordPress and Mail Chimp will be beating us. Soundly.

Unfortunately, popovers fall into that category of “uncool” marketing and are frequently overlooked by marketers for that reason.

Which is a shame, because they work. Actually, they dominate. Which is why when I saw this from Reunion Resort:


I did a happy dance at my desk.

Because in my book, Reunion is a resort that realizes their marketing peers aren’t their target market. Instead, they’ve left behind the popularity contest and done what’s works best with their customers. They’ve chosen chosen that works.

They’ve used a popover.

But Wait, There’s More
To be fair, part of the ill will toward such tactics is the fact that most popovers look amateur…at best. But look closer at that little number:


Amazingly well designed, It’s not just an opt-in but carries extra marketing value above along with a really sharp photo and a valuable offer. In other words, it’s marketing that is boxy sexy and effective.

Good stuff, Reunion. Really good stuff.

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