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Sycuan’s proactive approach to greater guest satisfaction…and sales.

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When I was young, family vacations were like Christmas morning.

So when something I had looked forward to for so long went awry – like the highly promoted indoor/outdoor pool being closed for maintenance during our stay – it was a major blow to the joy of the trip.

Those memories, backed with my experiences as a marketer, were the reason I found an offer from Sycuan so smart.

Less Than Optimal
Sycuan is seeding their greens. And with such maintenance comes a less-than-perfect product for guests.

At this point they could:

  • Not say a word and inform guests as they arrive.
  • Inform guests before they arrive.
  • Inform potential guests before they book.

The first two could certainly backfire (as was the case in my younger years) and the third could lead to a big hit in bookings.

A Clever Alternative
So they did none of the above.

Instead, they tied the transparency of current conditions to an savings that mirrored the distance from their normal product/price, with this:


Potential guests got a valuable offer and guest expectations matched current conditions.

Smart move.

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