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Whole or sliced, Tahoe Donner’s course flyover is solid.

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A dream of mine has always been to walk the grounds at Augusta National. Given the cost of even practice-round tickets on Ebay (if you aren’t fortunately to snag some in the lottery) suggest I’m not alone in this dream.

But one thing that’s only exacerbated this desire is the technology that enables videos like this.

The combination of a unique perspective, buttery smooth movement, and high quality footage create an impression that lodges extra deep in the gray matter.

Which is exactly why I love that, given the accessibility of this technology to nearly all of us these days, courses like Tahoe Donner have done something very similar.

Used as a full tour of the course, these flyovers are powerful, evergreen content.

This video was created two years ago but is still regularly shared because it remains just as relevant, accurate, and useful as the day they originally hit publish.

But notice how each hole can be sliced as separate, standalone tours? Though not specifically used in that manner, that’s a beautiful angle on this video.

Writing a blog post that mentions the 4th hole? Share the video of that hole.
Did someone win the local tournament with a birdie on 18? Share the video of that hole.
Frequent guest get a hole-in-one of the 13th? Share the video of that hole.

That sort of evergreen, companion content is a priceless resource to have in your media library and Tahoe Donner has done a beautiful job on theirs.

Well done.

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