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Do transactions at golf resorts increase during majors?

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I published this a few days ago as part of my day job shenanigans, but thought I’d post it quickly here as well.

The question was simply this: do transactions at golf resorts (bookings, tee-times, etc. volume, not revenue) increase during major championships?

The Results
The weeks mentioned below run from two days before a tournament (Tuesday) to the day after (Monday) to include the build-up of practice rounds and the day-after print headlines.

Keep in mind that many of the resorts in the sample operate as ski resorts in the winter which likely means that I couldn’t include the Masters (some courses in the sample would still be under snow).


It also may be the reason for the extra steep uptick in transaction growth during before, during, and after the US Open (which may signify the start of golf season in these regions).

In the end, the answer to the question was in the affirmative, but seasonality definitely plays a role.

The value of such analyses, in my marketing style, lies in the timing of offers.

Relevance can be identified by a handful of metrics, and transactions are one of those. And relevance helps messages break through the noise. So if a regularly scheduled, four-day event increases the relevance of my message and I know it’s coming months in advance, I can plan for, and schedule, campaigns around that.

Like a ski resort knowing a snow storm is coming two months in advance, that’s a pretty powerful thing to know.

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