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Three reasons I love Tulfarris’ new video.

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Video is such a powerful medium when done well.

And of all the golf resort videos I’ve seen recently that fit into that category, a recent one from Tulfarris takes the cake.

Take a look.

There are three reasons why this video stands out.

#1) Pace
First is the pace. While there are quite a few shots compressed in this 2-minute video, the movement through is easy careful, methodical, almost slow. I love how the speed matches the mood of a day you want to slow down, savor, and remember forever.

#2) Meaning
Second, I love the behind the scenes look at all those details that are so easy to overlook. Seeing a human hand placing silver or making a bed gives the final setting meaning and value that no still photo could ever achieve.

#3) Progression
I’ve never been shy about professing my love for the wide shot, and this video plays this card beautifully as they start wide and slowly move into details that carry you through a story of arrival, preparation, and finally experiencing.

It really is one of the best resort videos I’ve ever seen.

Beautifully thought out, beautifully made, and a perfect evergreen visual that Tulfarris can use for years and years to come.

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