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Is Twitter promote mode a good fit for golf resorts?

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Of the three social media advertising platforms I use most often:

  • Facebook / Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

There’s one I use for promoting posts many times more frequently than the others: Facebook.

Why? Because they make it so incredibly easy.

Limited Bandwidth
With limited bandwidth in my marketing day, I have to make a lot of choices based on tradeoffs. The less value I see on the other side of something, the harder it is to justify the time spent on it even if I have the budget.

The reason I use Facebook for boosting posts is because I don’t have to sign into any other accounts, I don’t have to use any other workflow, I don’t have to navigate any other systems. I simply click boost, change a couple settings and…

…I’m done.

Next Level Stuff
What I love about Twitter’s “Promote Mode” features is that they haven’t just tried to play catch-up with Facebook, they’ve simply taken the pattern behind their competitor’s success – make promotion and growth easy for time-constrained people – and gone one step further.

For $99/month you get two benefits:

  • Increased visibility at the account level.
  • Increased reach at the tweet level.

All with zero work. They identify the tweets that would benefit the most from the extra views, they identify the right people to show them to, and everything happens without you having to life a finger.

So is Promote Mode right for your golf resort? If you believe in social media, have the budget, but are short on time?

I don’t see why not.

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