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The simple story of a crazy popular golf vacation tweet.

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If you use Facebook, you’ve seen the TRENDING sidebar.

And if you’ve seen the trending sidebar, you’ve probably rolled your eyes more than once at the topics that get people talking.


Typically, those topics fall in a few categories:

  • Divisive or Controversial
  • Celebrity News
  • Bizarre or Cringeworthy
  • Offensive

But there’s one theme that always manages to creep in there. One that doesn’t seem to belong but still manages to get people interested enough to discuss and share.

These are things that INSPIRE.

Good News
Even with our junk-food diet of content consumption, we love to be inspired and uplifted by incredible stories of good things happening to good people.

In that context, when you see this message/photo that was retweeted by Bandon Dunes recently…

…it suddenly makes sense why this tweet got more likes and retweets than any other Matt has posted in a long, long time.

Moral of the Story
It is hard for brands like golf resorts to compete for attention with the over-hyped, divisive, empty-calorie buffet of web content. But it’s not impossible.

Stories like these probably aren’t as rare or as hard to find as we think, especially when you…well…ask for them. One of the best things I ever did was simply to ask for my followers’ “most inspirational moments of 2010” (or whatever year it was).

So if you’re having trouble keeping attention when the next celebrity break-up or equality flare-up arrives, remember the power of inspiration.

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