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Going to where your golfers are.

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As marketers, it’s extremely easy to catch ourselves standing on our marketing towers perched high above our resorts and shouting for people to come to us.

“Come to OUR website to learn…call OUR phone number to talk, use OUR live chat to ask questions.”

But sometimes the easiest way to reach a new audience and interest a few more people in looking into our resorts as a vacation spot is simply to go to where they are and start the conversation there.

The tweet above is incredibly simple but a clear departure from the typical “click here to book” CTAs of golf resorts on social media.

Instead, it’s a sort of digital olive branch to where potential guests already are.

No Work
It’s easy to think opening a conversation on any new channel would open a can of worms for your call center or marketing team, but Loews’ approach uses a simple combination of automation and a well-matched channel (live chat) to start the conversation on Twitter and gently move it to a more appropriate, private channel.

I think that’s an important point. Loews isn’t trying to have the whole conversation on social, they’re just using that medium as a starting point because that’s where there guests already are.

Love the experimentation. Great stuff.

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