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The marketing power of golf boards…remains.

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In the early days of FairwayFillers I wrote about how golf boards carried a lot of marketing value for those who acted quickly and became, as the cool kids say, early adopters.

Fast forward a few years and golf boards have certainly grown but not anywhere near the point of saturation.

For the golf board crew, that’s probably short of their moonshot goals and perhaps not the ideal scenario, but for the resorts who have jumped on the bandwagon, I think it’s great news.

New Value
Here’s what’s cool, in my opinion, about where golf boards are today.

On the one hand, they’re very well known. Golf Board’s marketing team have done a great job on PR and branding not just among courses, but consumers. Which means that your guests know what golf boards are and are eager to try. But on the other hand, the lack of complete adoption means they’re only available at a small number of resorts.

Resorts like Monarch Beach. See where I’m going with this?

When I saw this headline and CTA on Monarch Beach’s website, I got really excited because I knew that their marketing team recognized this unique combination of widespread interest but limited places to satisfy that interest.

Because until adoption does catch up to this awareness, resorts like theirs have every reason to put this differentiator front and center.

With Breakfast…
This is a concept I’ve written about as well when I talked about how behavioral economist Dan Ariely had done research that suggests something as simple as free breakfast can get someone to choose Rome over Paris.

And if that’s true, why not one golf resort over the other?

Big transactions like golf vacations can be influenced by small things, including golf boards. Monarch Beach has taken that lesson to heart and I tip my hat to them for doing so.

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